ROOFTECH was founded by Joseph Sasse, whose experience in the roofing industry spans almost 20 years. His career began in 1997 with a two year thatching apprenticeship in Manchester, England.  After studying in Manchester, he used his knowledge to assist several contractors throughout the United States in the repair and install of thatched roofs at internationally renowned amusement parks and zoos.

After finishing his work in thatch, Joseph decided to work for one of the region’s leading residential and commercial roofing contractors.  During his time with the company, he held such titles as Commercial and Residential Roofer, Production Manager, and Material Purchasing Manager.  These various positions allowed him to expand his experience in the numerous facets of the roofing industry.

As his career progressed, however, Joseph found himself becoming discomfited by the lack of current technology used within many roofing operations.  He saw the need to take current technological innovations and use them to establish a company that would not only reduce industry errors and improve operational efficiency, but also to provide as much information and transparency as possible to allow the client to make a strong, informed decision about how to manage their property effectively.

ROOFTECH is the product of this idea.  By using new technology in 3D illustration, thermal imagery, and asset management systems, Joseph established a company based on value, trust, sustainability and transparency.  ROOFTECH is a company that takes the client desires and property needs and translates them into a detailed, tailored customer experience that offers non-biased preventative maintenance plans for property management groups, insurance companies, and business/home owners.