Clients should always have options and ROOFTECH strives to inform its clients of those options before making a capital investment.   Every roof has its own individual needs, and the company will ascertain those needs and correlate those with the needs of the client.

Single-Ply Systems

ROOFTECH considers single-ply roof systems the wave of the future. In the past, roofs were fabricated on site which lead to many defects during the installation process. Today, single-ply roofs are fabricated within a controlled environment then shipped to the job site for application.  Leaving the fabrication within a factory allows the installer to focus more on installation specifications which has significantly lowered roof failures.   

Some building needs may require high foot traffic on the roof, where another has a significant amount of chemical use to clean roof top units, and some just simply pond water.  Either way, ROOFTECH offers various single-ply roof membranes that are designed to deal with your building’s specific needs.    


ROOFTECH offers roof coatings that can lengthen the life of a roof, sometimes up to ten years. There are several different types of coatings, including dark matte, silver reflective, and white reflective, which can be used on several types of roofs, such as metal and rubber. The company offers material warranties with these coatings should the client require it.

While roof coating may not be suitable for every roof, the technicians at ROOFTECH will examine your roof and will help determine if it is a quality option for the roof and the client.


After services are rendered, ROOFTECH provides the client with documentation that thoroughly explains the services provided and how they affect the life of the roof. Occasionally the documentation is so detailed that it exposes third party damages and has enabled the client to recover costs accrued, sometimes up to 30% from their invoices.